Thursday, August 26, 2010

Trains made in the USA

My 2 year old son has decided that he loves Thomas the Train. When we go to gymnastics each week there is a little boy who has a Thomas. My son screams the entire time that he wants this train. In the  daycare at my gym there is also a Thomas. Everyday after my workout I have to pry this little train out of my sons hands as he yells. He continues to scream about this train all the way home. After 2 weeks of dealing with this hollering I decided that we had both had enough. I set out to find a train that was child appropriate and made in the United States of America. I soon realized that all Thomas the Trains were made in China. Since we are a No China household this would not do. After a while of searching I was sure that I would end up trying to make a wood train, or buy one from a WAHM and paint it blue. I was ecstatic when I came across Whittle Shortline RR. They are a family owned company that makes trains and trucks here in the USA! They make a Little Engine that Could Train. He is blue! The shipping was very fast. My son is a very happy boy with his blue train. His mommy is very happy that it was made in the USA and that it nontoxic. Most of their trains are for 3+, so use your best judgment if it is appropriate for your child. 

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