Friday, August 27, 2010

My soy/almond milk machine

After a lot of research and soul searching I ended up purchasing the SOYAPOWER
It is made in China, and as most of my dear friends and family know my husband and I boycotted China three years ago. I am very proud of that decision, and overall it has been an easy one. But, there have been occasional times where we have had to bend. This was one of them. After contacting every, yes every company that makes soy milk machines I found out that they are all made in China. Yes, I could have decided to make soy milk by hand, but I do not have an extra 5 hours in my day :-) I am horrified knowing what Silk and other so-called "healthy" companies are doing to our food supply. Who in their right mind would cut the DNA of a soybean in half and put weedkiller in the middle of it?!? Or who would spray carcinogens all over healthy almonds?!? This machine has a 90 day unconditional return policy. Shipping was free to me. If I return it I would have to pay shipping back to TN. Overall I adore it. I have made soy milk, oat milk, garbanzo bean milk, almond milk, soy yogurt and tofu. Tomorrow I am making hazelnut milk. I think that I will put some chocolate in it - yum.

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